Flac Finance is a RealFi platform built on the Cardano blockchain that aims to deliver regulated, safe, and rapid financial services to users all over the world. Flac Finance provides an all-in-one financial platform, addressing the present system's inefficiencies. Users keep full control of their digital assets while still having instant access to cash.

The whitepaper can be found hereopen in new window.


Instant loan

Flac provides low interest instant loans against users' digital assets collateral with 0% fees. Users may also borrow stable coin based loans, which they can use to buy more digital assets. As the crypto assets gain value, Flac unlocks more loan limits to the users. Users can repay the loan with crypto assets, fiat money, or via a bank transfer. Repayment done with FLAC tokens will have discounted interest rate. Using the Flac mobile or web app, the entire procedure can be done in just a few clicks. No hidden fees, no capital gains taxes, no credit checks.

Flac Pay

Flac users can make payments at stores using Flac credit cards by taking out an immediate loan against their digital assets. Flac's integration with the UPI payment system allows users to pay instantaneously in stores that accept UPI.

Deposit & Earn

Users can deposit their digital assets to Flac and provide liquidity to the Flac ecosystem and earn interest on it regularly. Users can earn more interest by providing liquidity against FLAC tokens.


Users can swap certain amount of one cryptocurrency token for another facilitated by Flac's exchange service.