What is Flac Finance?

Flac Finance is a RealFi banking platform that provides regulated crypto financial services.

Who is building Flac Finance?

The team of Flac Finance has been building in the Cardano ecosystem for many years. Cardanoscan and Typhon Wallet are the core projects they have built, and many open-source libraries in the Cardano ecosystem are authored and maintained by the Flac team.

What is your first go to market jurisdiction?

Currently, we have a plan to launch in India! We are focused on building the product first and then expanding to more crypto-friendly jurisdictions.

How are you dealing with regulations in India?

India has the largest crypto user base! We are working with experts and CAs, India has introduced crypto gains taxes, and the Indian government has officially announced the digital rupee on the blockchain. The country is working towards regulations and doesn't want to be left behind!

What crypto platforms are already launched in India?

India has many registered crypto exchanges, and services providing crypto lending. Recently Coinbase has launched its platform in India.

When will I receive FLAC tokens?

FLAC tokens will be airdropped to your wallet at the end of ISPO. In the meantime anyone can track FLAC rewards using ISPO Dashboardopen in new window.

How much FLAC tokens will I receive per epoch?

Flac's internal services will monitor the amount of ADA staked per epoch.

For 1 ADA staked you will receive 0.02 $FLAC tokens. For 1 ADA staked to FLAC 50% pool, you will receive 0.01 $FLAC tokens.

Is there a official community group for FLAC?

Most of the discussions happens on discordopen in new window. Also follow our twitteropen in new window handle to stay updated on our announcements.