How to participate

Acquire ADA to a Cardano wallet

Buy Cardano(ADA) using any crypto-currency exchanges feasible according to your country's jurisdictions. Below are the list of some exchanges

Transfer your ADA into a trusted Cardano wallet with staking functionality. Below are some of the trusted Cardano wallets


Flac will never ask you to share your seed words or to send your ADA to participate in ISPO.

Stake your ADA to Flac pools

ISPO starts from 15th May 2022(Epoch 339)

Users can delegate to ISPO pools in two ways

  1. Connect your wallet to d-app connector built-in our ISPO dashboard and click delegate, which will seamlessly delegate to our ISPO pool.
  2. Copy pool id from the list of pools in ISPO dashboard and delegate using your wallet.


Here's the link to the ISPO dashboardopen in new window


  • Check the list of pools in dashboard before delegating to avoid fake pools.

Flac's internal services will track and determine how much ADA a user has staked, as well as how many epochs the user has lasted in a pool. User's can switch between Flac ISPO pools anytime without affecting rewards. User's can track their rewards in ISPO dashboard by connecting their wallets.

ISPO Pool Types

There are 2 types of ISPO pools, 100% margin and 50% margin.

  • The 100% margin pools generate 0.02 $FLAC / epoch per ADA delegated, and no ADA rewards are generated.
  • The 50% margin pools generate 50% of the $FLAC token rewards and generate 50% ADA rewards based on your delegation. This type of pool will generate 0.01 $FLAC per 1 ADA delegated per epoch.

More pools will be created once the existing pools are saturated!